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There are a number of ways you can help us shift the dial on income and wealth inequality in Aotearoa New Zealand

Below are some ideas on how you can get involved. One of the most important ways is to follow, and engage with, organisations that are working hard to combat inequality in this country and globally. (See the bottom of this page for some ideas). 

Read and watch the resources we have on this site.

Then - join the conversation. Talk about inequality. Talk to friends, family and colleagues. Talk to political candidates and MPs. Talk to your neighbours. The woman who drives your bus. Talk to the cat. (Picture of cat you could talk to, to your right). Just talk - help us keep the conversation going. 

Vote! Use your vote to send a message about what kind of country you want to live in. Use it to get people into Parliament who share your values and vision for Aotearoa. 

Click on the Sign Up button at the time of this page. You'll get updates when we post new content, it sends a message to those in power that people care about inequality, and it's like a hug for us. Go on. Give us a hug!

Cat Lying

Awkward questions to ask political candidates and politicians

Don't be afraid - they're there to serve, right? 

So ask questions - lots of them. 

Here are some ideas.

  1. How does your party address income inequality? Do you have policies that will address this?


  1. Food inflation prices were at 9.6% at the end of July 2023. What is your party doing to combat food inflation?


  1. Do you agree that the tax system is not doing enough to reduce inequality in this country?


  1. What tax policy will help give larger increases in income to those on the lowest incomes compared to those on higher incomes?


  1. Do you think our government collects enough revenue to meet the health, education, housing and welfare needs of this country?


  1. Do you agree that the tax system enables us to care for one another as a country, such as lifting people out of poverty?


  1. Do you think that those who have more resources should contribute more to those who are struggling?


  1. Do you think it is good that the richest people in this country pay on average a lower rate of tax than the people who earn the least?

Download this Fact Sheet about Tax to help have 'that' tax conversation with friends, family and colleagues:​

[Thanks to Fair Tax Coalition]

Get the Facts to have the Chats:

Check out these organisations and websites

Fight Inequality Alliance

A growing global movement organising and mobilising to counter the excessive concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a small elite - dedicated to building a just, equal and sustainable world.

Fight Inequality logo.jpeg

Better Taxes for a Better Future - Fair Tax Coalition

Better taxes for a Better Future aims to promote discussion about a better tax system in Aotearoa.

They believe that in the face of deep, systemic challenges - such as embedded poverty and hardship, growing inequality, overstretched public services, environmental degradation and climate change - taxes are a power for the public good that will help build a better future.

Screenshot 2023-08-26 at 6_edited.png

Inequality: A New Zealand Conversation

A site run by Max Rashbrooke, editor of Inequality: A New Zealand Crisis. Max researches and writes about two of the biggest issues in the modern world – democratic renewal and economic inequality – and their potential to shape our societies for better or worse.

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