Sample E mails to Friends, Colleagues

One of the ways of promoting the issue that “More equal societies are better for all” is to e mail all the people on your address book encouraging them to take part in the project, and then get them to send the message on to their friends and so on. So please send an e mail to all your friends on your address book, facebook, and twitter sites. Below is a sample you could use, altering it to suit your friends and your circumstances.

Dear/Hi …

Many of us have become very concerned about the social decay that seems to beset our country. Crime, child poverty and abuse, obesity, teenage pregnancy and suicide, dropping levels of trust, increasing medical conditions…New Zealandused to be a place that we were all proud of.

We once led the world in the development of a compassionate, caring society. We were foremost in the world in matters such as rights for women, care for the newly born through Plunket, Karitane Nurses etc, care for the aged, single mothers and the elderly, free access to health and dentistry and so on. Many of us can remember when a couple of murders a year were exceptional and as for locking our houses and cars…

There is strong evidence that income gaps, not absolute poverty but the difference between the rich and the poor, are a direct cause of many of our social ills, This research has been gathered together and conclusions drawn in a recent book “The Spirit Level” by British epidemiologists Wilkinson and Pickett. ForNew Zealand, over recent times, particularly over the last 25 years, our income gaps have exploded and as a consequence our social ills have become significantly worse.

We, Income Equality Aotearoa New Zealand, a not-for-profit, secular and non political organization want to do something about this. We, an NGO, are a group of ordinary New Zealanders of all ages, careers and political persuasions who are worried about the future of our country for our kids and our grandkids. So we have started a project called “Closing the Gap” an effort to reduce the income gaps of all New Zealanders. Go to our website, and learn more about this incredibly important issue and support the project by SIGNING ON.

If you are prepared to support this project further, please send this e mail, appropriately amended, to all the people on your address book with the same messages, asking them to support the project and pass it on. Hopefully this is a way in which we can eventually contact most New Zealanders and make a difference for us all.