Evidence Based Policy Making–Gluckman

of Gluckman  on Research based Policy Making

Peter Gluckman, the Prime Minister’s  Chief  Science Adviser, saysNew Zealandshould be making better use of research-based evidence in policy formation and evaluation.

The discussion paper, Towards better use of evidence in policy formation, is the culmination of a year’s work and consultation by Gluckman who is concerned with the inconsistent connection between knowledge, evidence and the policy-making process. He urges that protocols be developed within government agencies to ensure that (a) the scientific evidence they rely on is of a sufficiently high standard of quality and integrity to advance the public good, and (b) that the impact of the implementation of this advice is properly measured.

Gluckman believes the development of such protocols is especially urgent in the area of social intervention where programmes can be introduced without proper recourse to quality research, and without ongoing, independent analysis of their effectiveness in both human and monetary terms. He argues that routine formal analysis of the impact and cost-effectiveness  of proposed and existing programmes is essential, and provision of this objective evidence would enable informed engagement by the public in deciding whether programmes should be expanded, continued or discontinued.

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 Gluckman evidence based policy disc. paper2011