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  • The Spirit Level for New Zealand  This page contains further explanations of “The Spirit Level” and its interpretation and implications for New Zealand.
  • Summary of “The Spirit Level
  • Area Groups and Contact People
  • Model Presentations   This page contains ideas for presentations to local groups such as service clubs and other community groups.  It includes 20 minute speeches, slide presentations, power point presentations, references for further reading, and what to do if you support the project.
  • Media Material  This page contains material and suggestions for opinion pieces, letters to the editor etc for local/national media including suggestions as to how people might respond to issues raised in the media.
  • Research Material This page contains or provide links to  research papers on material related to” The Spirit Level”.
  • Opinion Articles. This page is an archive of opinion pieces, newspaper articles etc on the issues of “The Spirit Level”that have been published in recent times around the world.
  • How to Reduce Income Inequalities. This page contains suggestions,  ideas and plans for reducing income inequality in New Zealand. Please add further suggestions through our “Facebook” Site.
  • Associated Groups This is a list of groups and organisations who have similar aims and are supporting us as we are supporting them.
  • How Can You Help  Ideas as to what individuals can do in their own lives to reduce inequality.
  • Newsletter  This Newsletter will be published on this site every two weeks and go automatically to all on the supporters list.
  • Sign-up Page. This is where where people can become supporters. When they do the site will automatically:  add names to a “public list,members” available to anybody who accesses the website; update the count of supporters on the homepage; add name, e mail address, town to “private list” accessible by steering committee, password protected; add names the facebook site as a  follower.
  • List of Supporters  This list is all those who have signed up to become a “public supporter”.
  • TVNZ     This is the interview of Richard Wilkinson by Guyon Espiner on TVNZ’s Q & A
  • “Business Cards” & Letter Box Drops    These are pages that can be printed off, used by supporters, and distributed by supporters around their neighbourhoods
  • Sample E mails to friends, colleagues. These can be used to send to friends, colleagues to encourage them to join the project

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