Like-Minded Groups

Other organizations based on “The Spirit Level”

  •  The New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services have recently launched their “Closer Together – Whakatata Mai – Reducing Inequalities” campaign:
  • A strong link has also been developed with the UK’s “The Equality Trust”: An organization dedicated to promoting “The Spirit Level” in Britain.

Groups striving for a better society

  • Every Child Counts.
  • Poverty Action. Waikato 100 Morrinsville Road PO Box 13117 Hillcrest Hamilton 3251 Ph 07 9294815Email [email protected]
  • Service and Foodworkers Union with their “Living Wagee Aotearoa New Zealand” campaign
  • ACYA  Action for Children and Youth Aotearoa Inc
  • Human Rights Commision
  • Child Poverty Action Group
  • New Zealand Council of Social Services

Research Groups


E koekoe t etui, e ketekete te kaka te kaka, e kuku-te kereru–Diversity: the tui sings, the kaka chatters, the pigeon coos.