Letters to the media

writing a letter

We would encourage everybody to use the media when ever possible to promote our project. Write letters to papers or periodicals when you feel strongly about the issue that income inequality produces social ills for all.
Respond with letters to media when:

  • There are articles about ills of society, you can suggest a solution to the problem
  • There are articles/opinion pieces supporting income inequality

If you are an “op ed” writer please get stuck in and if you are not then try. Many papers ask for such material.

If you have friends in the media put pressure on them to promote our project, by running an article, information from the website, and talk to Peter Malcolm or Nick Jennings or anybody promoting this project.

When you do any of the above, the following are important:

  • When you are arguing, attack the argument not the person, and use facts (see the website) not emotive language
  • Always stay in control of your language, ie moderation carries the day, don’t shout, and don’t get too casual or familiar
  • Use research data where possible ie don’t say research says, say the following research supports…
  • Keep it short, the attention span of many readers is fairly small…
  • But don’t hold back. Where you feel strongly about something let it show
  • Mention the website as often as possible www.closingthegap.org.nz
  • Above all, do something. We can make a difference

More equal societies work better for everyone.