Please donate if you can, every little bit helps.

Please donate if you can, every little bit helps.


Although we rely heavily on volunteer time to enable our organisation to operate there are costs such as maintaining our website and some paid time on functions such as research and secretarial services. To keep our organisation on a sound basis we need your financial support. We are fortunate to have had some significant donations in the past but these were one-off events.

We invite you to make a donation now, either one-off or on a regular basis through one of the methods below.
• PayPal (one off payment only, please use the PayPal Donate button below) 
• Give-a-little (one off payment only) 
• One off internet payment or Automatic Payment (monthly payment): Income Equality Aotearoa New Zealand Inc, Kiwibank, 38-9012-0517948-00
• Cheque (one off payment only): Please send to Ron Cormack, 42 Matuhi St, Tirohanga, Hutt City

If you wish to receive a receipt, please e-mail Ron Cormack