Area Groups (Numbers), Coordinators & Notes of Meetings

Some of the Tasks Area Groups could get involved in organized by Area Coordinators. If you could be an area coordinator or could help those who are already coordinators, please get in touch with the secretary at [email protected]

  • Have regular “get togethers”/meetings–He kaha ui te kaha–discovering relationships
  • Encourage each other to “sign on” new supporters, set targets, have competitions etc
  • Discuss and forward ideas to the secretary for improvements to the website, facebook and twitter
  • Contribute to Facebook and twitter
  • Discuss and forward ideas for improvements to our organization
  • Organise “letter box” drops in local area—see website for sample
  • Undertake presentations to local organizations see website for videos and powerpoint presentations
  • Organise people to respond to relevant articles in local media..possibly compose letters as a group
  • Meet and lobby local politicians.
  • Go any parliamentary select committee hearings on issue related to “closing the gap”
  • Organise streetmarches
Notes of Meeting of Wellington Group 3rd July 2012

Present: Nick Wright, Paul Barber, Max Rushbrooke, Nick Jennings, Kevin McCormack (Convener – left 8.40pm), Tim Davies-Colley, Sam Caldwell, Graham Howell (Minute taker).


A          Long Term Plan Submission:          Sam was thanked for his well written submission to the WRC Long Term Plan.  It was noted our group needed to be firmer when stating we want to make oral submissions to such processes.

B         Living Wage (LW):  Their meeting of Wednesday, 4 July 103pm, at the Epworth Centre, Wesley,Taranaki St was noted.  A number of Closing the Gap (CTG) people are taking part.  Sam gave a background of the origins and success of the London LW campaign.  It can be focused at all employers with the notion of a living wage paid to staff and contractors.  InWellington possible targets are local authorities including the DHBs, churches, community groups and private sector firms.   Some tactics such as identifying “winners” (employers willing to accept the idea and implement it or “name and shame” (those unwilling to accept t) were discussed.  Various tactics were discussed.  The connection with CTG was also discussed as the LW campaign has implications for CTG.    It was noted that no specific figures exist for parts of NZ yet but that this was being worked on.   A number of community groups and churches have already joined with the Service Workers Federation and it is hoped more will join.

C         Temporary Additional Support (TAS):  Paul reported back that the NZCCSS contacts within MSD have not yet responded to questions about the variation in take up or what they are doing to try and reduce it.  (Data is from Graham and is not subject to OIA difficulties.)  (Note:  TAS is on-going hardship assistance based on regular income and various “allowable costs” including accommodation and health related ones.  The entitlement criteria are set by regulation.  Despite nation-wide uniformity in the regulations there is wide-spread variation in take up (35-75% based on information the MSD accept they hold in regards beneficiaries and “presumed “entitlement’.)    Paul to report back.  Next steps for the CTG is that will try and build some local/regional campaigns around the variations and hardship caused by lack of provision of the TAS.

D         MSD Board:  NZCCSS has details of pay rates for these board members.  Its chair, Paula Rebstock receives $58,000 for what is not a full-time position.

E          UK Spirit Level Documentary:  It was reported that funds have been raised to make this documentary.  Max is to contact various movie theatres about a venue for the NZ launch in mid-2013.

F          New Zealand’s Spirit Level:  Likely publication date March 2013.

G         National Gathering on CTG issues – initial planning g under-way, likely to be at Manurewa, October 2013.  Planned to be semi-invitational based around workshops.

I           NZ Public Health Association Conference, 4/5 September, focus on Children’s Health.

J          Local Government Reform:  CTG to make submissions on the need for a ratio between top pays and those of either least paid or median wage of the council etc.

K         DVDs –  Tim indicated he had several DVDs focusing on issues such as poverty and the globl crisis.  He will make these available to members and they could be used for future meetings.

L          Future Meetings:  Some discussion on nature/focus of future meetings was had.  Invited speakers and/or DVDs open to public followed by business focused meetings.

M         Next Meeting:  7 August, 7pm,St Andrews on The Terrace.  Tim to invite new Anglican Bishop Justine (via his Archdeacon)


Minutes of Meeting of Tauranga Group Thursday 16th August 2012

Present: Brian McKenzie, Chris Lee, Marlene Ware, Gary Ware, Ron Lopert,Peter Malcolm, Michael Sharp, Rosie Entwistle, Julian Fitter, Richard Watts, Ian McLean, Gray Southern

Welcome to new members

Apologies:  various

Confirmation of Minutes: Last meeting yes

Local Public Meeting:  It was agreed that this was generally a great success but there were ways it could be improved.

  • Some concerns about the cost/benefit of the paid ads. We incurred some $700 for these. Gary and Marlene have contributed $200 towards this. There is approximately $180 available after expenses met from the Koha. We need to find the rest. Those there had agreed to make a contribution so please do so by direct credit to G Ware at 02 0466 0006308 00
  • Peter needs to be careful about his jokes particularly from the point of view of it essential that we be apolitical
  • We could have included a questionnaire re how did you hear about he meeting. Useful for future events
  • Could focus on getting more “high profile” local people there. We need to find a way of enticing them to such an event.
  • Concerns about the lack of support from the local media. One way that would help would be to get an Op Ed piece published. Not too late. Peter to draft a piece.

Another Public Meeting: After some discussion it was agreed that we should go ahead, maybe early November (Ron has booked Wesley Centre for 7th November) The style of this meeting to be discussed. Could be

  • High profile speaker followed by…
  • International Café style  ie groups around tables discussing issues. Could include “how do we actually close the gap”
  • Information evening.
  • Workshop on solving inequality
  • An event onRed Square.

Writing Group: Chris reported not much progress

Like Minded Groups: Brian reported “no response to his e mail”. Ideas as to how to do this better included individualise rather than group e mails, find personal contacts

National Conference of Like Minded Groups  no news

Maori Inclusion: Peter reported on Merrill’s work. Will be distributed for comment.  Suggested that we make further contact with Graham Cameron. Gary and Marlene to follow up.

Where to from here:

  • Engage Government. Followup with Simon Bridges by Chris for a small group meeting with him. Peter, Marlene, Brian Chris to go. Format to be low key, ideas, non-confrontational, maybe give him a series of questions that we want to cover. Could possibly be “electorate” type meeting or “over a coffee”.
  • Further surveys of politicians
  • Julian to try Tod McClay for a meeting similar to  that with Simon Bridges and further down the track with Tony Ryall
  • Presentations to Local Groups. It was agreed that Peter’s presentation would be suitable. Ron, Brian, Gary and Marlene offered to be presenters to help Peter. Marlene to produce list of possible groups. Chris to make contact with “rural” groups.
  • Make contact with Helen Kelly  Peter to follow up.
  • Inequality is Too Expensive  good promotional phrase.
  • Approach Share holders group Ron to follow up
  • Brian to continue working on “local inequalities” and make contact with Op Ed writer for BoP Times  Alison McCulloch.

Next Meeting: Zagger’s Café Thursday 13th September  7.45am



Meeting of Wellington Group 21st August 2012

Present: Nick Wright, Paul Barber, Max Rushbrooke, Nick Jennings, Kevin McCormack, Sam Caldwell, Graham Howell (Minute taker).

Nick Jennings indicated need for group to identify short, medium and long-term goals and refered to writing of Karl Polanyi, and his thesis that labour, land and money are not commodities.  Nick was encouraged to write something which could be out into a blog/web-page.  Nick also refered to Arthur Bryant’s English Saga 1840-1940.

Co-operatives:  Paul to see if Girol Karacogol would be willing to give a public presentation about co-operativesI

Te Papa Series:  Two public forums on inequity inNew Zealandwill be taking place.

  • Thursday 13 September, 6.30pm on “the problems” with Stephanie McIntyre, Phillipa Howden-Chapman and Colin James; and
  •  Thursday, 4 October, 6.30pm on “the solutions” with Ganesh Nana, Nigel Howarth and Mike O’Brien.

Max also indicated he had been living at a local boarding house for a while and he was to write up his experiences for the Listener.

Living WageWellingtonLaunch:  30 August,Wesley Taranaki St, Noon.  Libby McIntyre contact.

Spirit Level Film:  Sam has done some research into possible venues.  Main theatre atParamountseems best alternative.  Nick to find out about Inequity trust hosting NZ  premier.  Once confirmed we will confirm dates etc.

Local government Reform:  Need to ensure whatever happens reducing inequality is a focus.

Bills before Parliament: Paid Parental Leave and Expanding tax credits to beneficiary households.  Max and Paul to work on a letter to Peter Dunne and others re the later bill and the rest of us were encouraged to write to him and others also.

Temporary Additional Support:  graham’s response to MSD letter to be forwarded to group.  Graham is to draft a follow-up letter to Wellington Service Centres to be prepared to se what they are doing to ensure greater take-up etc.

National gathering on Inequity:  Manurewa in mid-November.  Possible key-note speakers are dame Ann Salmond and Tapa Misi.

CEO Salaries:  Nick W to follow up on Strategic Pay Report.  It is planned to write to selected Wellington based corporations and public sector organisations and to ask what they are doing to reduce inequality within their pay rates of staff.

Nest Meetings:            19 September  17 October

Notes of Meeting of Tauranga Group 13 September


Organised by  Income Equality Aotearoa New Zealand



More equal societies work better for everyone


Minutes of Meeting of Tauranga Group of the Income Equality Aotearoa NZ Inc at  Zagger’s Café Tauranga Thursday 13th Sept 2012


Present: Brian McKenzie, Marlene Ware, Gary Ware, Ron Lopert,Peter Malcolm, Julian Fitter, Richard Watts, Gray Southern, Ron Major

Welcome to new members

Apologies: Rosie Entwistle,Michael Sharp, Ian McLean, Ann Graham, Dolores Edge, Chris Lee

Confirmation of Minutes: Last meeting yes


Local Public Meeting; Gary still $200 short. Brian and Peter to try to sort this out. Anybody else who can make a contribution do so toGary’s bank account 02 0466 0006308 00


Meeting With Simon Bridges: Brian and Peter meeting him tomorrow 14th. Thye need to focus on “The Gap” and use questions: Have you read “The Spirit Level”, What are you going to do about it? Can we help? And try to continue the dialogue.

See attached the notes of our meeting. A copy has been sent to Simon for his approval. Also see attached Brian’s summary of The Spirit Level and stats for BOP area


Meeting with Tod McLay; Julian to have something by the next meeting.


Further Politicians: Peter and Brian to organizea meeting with Tony Ryall


Contact with Helen Kelly and Owen Glenn: Peter to follow up


Contact with Shareholders Association: Ron reported on his rude (close to libelous) response from the local secretary and is following it up with others in the organization


Local Inequalities: See Brian’s paper. Suggested he send it to Alison McCulloch (BoP Times Op Ed writer. Kathy Webb is also working on this. Marlene to make contact.


Writing Group: no progress


Like Minded Organisations: no further progress


National Conference of Like Minded Groups  no news . Brian mentioned the funding problem that NZCCSS have.

Since our meeting there has been another conference call with NZCCSS and it was possible to go ahead, the date of Friday 23rd November agreed, outline of programme agreed (see attached), NZCCSS and JR McKenzie Trust to cover costs, Ann Salmond and Tapu Misa to be invited a keynote speakers, location to probably be Auckland (marae in Manwera not available), human Rights Commision people interested in helping,


Another Public Meeting: After some discussion it was agreed that we delay this meeting until late February 2013.

The purpose of the meeting would be to; spread the word, raise public awareness, get a commitment for action, what particular actions are appropriate.

Possible scenario for meeting: keynote speaker, Spirit Level Summary, what can we do about it , who is going to do what.

Maybe involve University people –need to be careful of their independence

Try to make it a fun event


Maori Inclusion: Peter  needs to follow up with Merrill


Richard has written some ideas that could be useful–attached

Notes of Meeting of Tauranga Group 18th October 2012


Organised by  Income Equality Aotearoa New Zealand



More equal societies work better for everyone


Minutes of Meeting of Tauranga Group of the Income Equality Aotearoa NZ Inc at  Zagger’s Café Tauranga Thursday 18th October 2012


Present: Marlene Ware, Gary Ware, Ron Lopert,Peter Malcolm, Julian Fitter, Gray Southern, Chris Lee


Apologies: a few. Could be that some did not notice the date of this meeting or the agenda at the end of the notes of the last meeting. Maybe the secretary was too efficient with his timing.


Confirmation of Minutes: Last meeting yes


Meeting with Further Politicians; Julian to try and have a meeting with Todd McLay. Peter and Brian to organise a meeting with Tony Ryall. It was agreed that we need to focus on the benefits for all, not just the “poor”


Do we extend this idea of meeting with politicians to a national basis: It was agreed that this could be a worthwhile project, certainly better to meet them face to face on a local basis rather than letters or e mails. We could put the list and statements as to where they stand on the website. It was agreed that we needed a framework of questions so the politicians would have prior notice of the basis of the conversation. It would also make it possible to tabulate the responses and the positions. Chris agreed to put together a frame work of questions that might be used as a basis for all such meetings with politicians


Contact with Helen Kelly and Owen Glenn: Peter to follow up


Contact with Shareholders Association: Ron reported on his further contact and his very apologetic letter from the national chairperson and his offer of space in their December publication “Script” (recent copy attached—interesting editorial) for us to expound on our point of view. Marlene will talk to Alison McCullough to see whether she could write such an article. Others offered to proof such an article



Writing Group: no progress


Like Minded Organisations: no further progress


National Conference of Like Minded Groups: Tapu Misa has agreed to speak, Anne Salmond out of the country at the time. Need another. Specific invitations to go out soon.


Another Public Meeting: to be held in late February 2013.

The purpose of the meeting would be to; spread the word, raise public awareness, get a commitment for action, and what particular actions are appropriate.

Possible scenario for meeting: keynote speaker, Spirit Level Summary, then small groups to discuss what can we do about it, who is going to do what

Suggested we wait until after the National Summit for more direction

Suggestions for speaker, Gareth Morgan? Brian Gould—Garyto sound him out. Chris Laidlaw.

The idea of using such an occasion as a book launch for Max Rashbrook’s new book on poverty in NZ  was discussed and it was agreed that this be a separate event


Maori Inclusion: Merrill has produced a series of Maori proverbs which are now on the website


Directors Fees; There appears to be growing oppositions to the level and increases in these fees. It was agreed that share holders should be encouraged to go to Shareholder meetings so that concerns can be raised. Peter should perhaps talk to Brian Scantlebury about this sort of issue.


Release of Documentary Film on The Spirit Level. Ron was happy to organize this mid way through next year when the film is released.


Presentations to Other Groups: Peter has made no progress on this








Next Meeting: Zagger’s Café Thursday 29th November 7.45am


Meeting closed at 9.15am


What we need are 2 or 3 local people who are prepared to act as local coordinators

Location Membership Contacts
Auckland 129  Members  Annie Newman      [email protected]         Gina Giordani   [email protected]
Central Otago 2 Members
Christchurch 36 Members Contact persons:
Gary Nicholls [email protected]
Evan Begg [email protected]
Coromandel 4 Members
Dunedin 41 Members
Eastern Bay of Plenty 3 Members
Gisbourne 2 Members
Hawkes Bay 13 Members Contact person:
Stephanie Thomas [email protected]
Horowhenua 7 Members
Invercargill 1 Members
Mid Canterbury 2 Members
Nelson 9 Members
New Plymouth 7 Members
Northland 4 Members
Overseas 26 Members
Rotorua 2 Members
Tauranga 145 Members Contact persons:
Gary Ware [email protected]
Peter Malcolm [email protected]
Taupo 2 Members
Timaru 2 Members
Private location 17 Members
Waikato 18 Members Contact person:
John Lawson [email protected]
Wairarapa 1 Members
Wellington 106  Members Contact person:
Nick Jennings [email protected]
West Coast 0 Members
Whangarei 10 Members

Total 458