How To Help


How can you help reduce the income gap in New Zealand?

Tungia te ururua kia tupu whakaritorito te tupu o the harakeke – new start; set the overgrown bush alight and new flax roots will spring up.

  1. Try to stay up to date with the arguments regarding the Spirit Level and the importance of the argument that more equal societies are better for all. Visit our website frequently as we will continue to update it with opinion pieces, research articles etc.
  2. Sign On
  3. Join your local group  and if there isn’t one, set one up. Contact the secretary ([email protected]) for contacts.
  4. Help your local group with printing a “flyer”, “letter box drop”, and “business cards”, finding people who will help pay for local printing expenses or print them off yourself and distribute.
  5. Give, or find people who will give, presentations to local groups, service clubs etc (model presentation here).
  6. Within your local group write letters about the project to your local papers  and respond to articles for and against the project using resources from the website and other areas or do this yourself. Advice here.
  7. Use whatever contacts you might have in your local area eg local authority, media etc to promote the project.
  8. Make suggestions as to how we might improve the website and promotion of the project.
  9. Respond to the Facebook, Twitter and blog sites.
  10. Send letters to friends encouraging them to access our website and respond appropriately, and then sending the same sort of e mail to all on their address books and so on.
  11. In your work place, encourage the publication of salary scales and the reduction of salary gaps.
  12. Support the activities of the Equality Network.

Ka mahi te ringaringa aroarohaki taus – the hand that quivers in the face of the enemy is the hand to be admired.