Business cards and flyers


Business Cards

A sheet containing 10 possible “business cards“. We suggest you print some off, cut up and use to give people when you are talking about “Closing the Gap” so they do not have to write anything to remember how to access the website.
They appear as pictured below:

Letter-box Drops

A series of sheets of possible “letter box drops” both in A4 and A5 sizes. We suggest that if you have a local group, discuss whether to distribute these on a group organised basis (in which case find somebody to print enough copies) or for everybody to do their own thing ie print their own copies and distribute them to their neighbourhoods not worrying about overlaps. If there is no local group then obviously the second option applies.

If you click on any of the links below you will get a sample of a “letterbox drop”. There are 4 of these two different styles and each in A4 size and two side by side in A5 size.

Either individually or as your local group you could decide which you will use, print off either in colour or black and white and distribute around your neighbourhood.